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Deactivating user account in TRAFFIT
Deactivating user account in TRAFFIT

User deactivation

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How to deactivate a user account?

Go to Users tab and click on the user you want to deactivate.

Next, use the Deactivate button visible below the name and the last name:

The indicated user will not be able to use the system, and his avatar will be visible as Account Inactive.

All activities performed by this user in the system (jobs created, notes, correspondence, etc.) will remain in the system; and visible to other users.

How are user accounts billed?

If you use the PRO or ELITE plans, you purchase user seats; for a certain number of users. The user seats you pay for and are shown on your invoice represent the maximum number of active users of your system.

When you deactivate a user account, you gain a free seat to create access for another person in its place.

If you deactivate an account but do not plan to create access for another person in its place, go to Settings > Payments and reduce the number of users so that the next time you pay, you pay for fewer users.

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