You have to options:

1. Search using the Tags filter

The filter is available both in Candidates, on the candidate list in a recruitment, as well as candidate list in a chosen Talents group:

Type in the words you’re looking for to see the candidates that have those words as tags on their profiles.

NOTE: remember that the filter list can be customized, if a filter is not on the list, click More filters. Next, mark filter tags with a star - and don't forget to click Save.

2. Search using the search engine

Type in the word you’re looking for into the search engine. Traffit will search for it in tags, notes, and documents attached to candidate profiles, and will give you a list of the candidates who have this word in their profiles:

To narrow down your search to selected tags, or to exclude them from your search results, use the advanced search – move the PRO slider to the right and enter additional search criteria. Traffit will tell you in the search results if the word is in tags or elsewhere:

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