You can add personalized elements, e.g., the recipient’s name, both to the title and the body of your message template. This will allow Traffit to customize the message or automatic notification for each recipient.

To add personalized elements to the template while you create it, choose the Module from the menu on the right-hand side, and click Paste this field by a chosen element from the selected module. The field will be placed at the current location of your cursor:

You can choose from the following modules and fields:

  • CANDIDATES – candidate data, e.g., name, location, email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile;
  • CLIENT – enabled if you recruit for external companies; info such as client name, client address, VAT identification number, URL, email address;
  • CONTACT PERSON - enabled if you recruit for external companies; info such as company name, contact person name, email address, phone number;
  • RECRUITMENT – recruitment process to which a candidate has been assigned, e.g., recruitment name, reference number, deadline;
  • USER – information about the user (recruiter) that is responsible for a recruitment process, e.g., name, job title, contact details;
  • EVENT – enabled if you have integrated Traffit with your calendar; information related to events from your calendar: event name and location, start and end date.

Remember that the available fields can be modified in the candidate profile settings.

Here’s an example of a template using personalized fields:

Each time you add new fields to the candidate form (e.g., expected salary), they are automatically added to the modules on the above list.

Once you’re done with editing, click Save at the bottom right.

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