To add a new recruitment form you need to have access to 'Settings' section in the main menu on the left side.
After 'Settings' go to 'Advertisements and clauses' and 'recruitment forms'. Then click on the red plus icon in the right bottom corner.

You will see an empty recruitment form. Fill in the name of your application form so you can easily select it for your adverts in the future. You can now add questions to your recruitment form. There are two types of questions:
-Candidate data - these questions are connected to particular fields on candidates profile in 'personal data' section,
-New questions - any additional questions that you don't want to collect in candidates profile 'personal data' section.

Click on 'Add candidate data' to add questions about specific information. When you select all the fields you want click 'Save'.

The list of your questions will show as below. You can edit the way a question will be shown to your applicants and you can mark them as mandatory or not mandatory.

You can also add more questions by clicking on 'Add new questions'. Answers to there questions will show in a note on candidates profile and in the recruitments stage details in this candidates profile.

When you create all your questions click 'Save'. You recruitment form is now ready to be used in you adverts. You should be able to find it on the list of available recruitment forms.

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