Adding new API client

In Traffit we use OAuth 2 for integration.  The first thing you need to do is to add an integration client. 

Go to the Settings--> Integration with the Traffit API and click "+Add client". 

Write a name of your client (you can use only Latin alphabet and numbers) and press Enter. The final name of your client will be in <your_instance_name>_<your_client_name>  format. 

After that, you can choose scopes which will be allowed to be used for generating access tokens.  Each scope allows to use some API endpoints connected to it. For example, the employee scope allows you to create, update and retrieve your candidates data.  

What is 'Do you use API V1?' switch ?
In Traffit we have two versions of API. We strongly recommend you to use API V2 as we no longer support API V1 .  One client can be used only for one API version. This tutorial is for API V2.

The 'Generate Client Secret' button will show up after you choose at least scope. Click on it. 

A newly created client will show up in the summary with your unique Client Secret generated by Traffit. 

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