In order to sort records via API you need to use X-Request-Sort header. 

As a value it accepts a JSON in format:

  "<sort_field_1>": "DESC",
  "<sort_field_2>": "ASC"

<sort_field_1> and <sort_field_2> are the field names by which you want to sort.
Each entity type (candidate, client, recruitment, etc.) has its own filter fields.

Additionally, you can add custom fields to API , by which you can sort (except Choice/Multi-choice with dictionary values). 

Each sort field accepts one of two values:
Sort in descending order

Sort in ascending order

The order of the sorts is based on an order of the sort fields sent in the header. 

X-Request-Sort example:
This example will first sort records by name in descending order and then by the last name in ascending order.

  "name": "DESC",
  "lastname": "ASC"

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