If You are unable to connect Your Outlook account to Traffit please double check if Your acount uses 2 step verification process to sign in.

You can quickly check it by loggin in to Your Microsoft Account and goint to My account > Update Your security options> Update section:

If You see this option turned on You will need to generate an unique password to connect Your Outlook to Traffit. You can do this according to this gudie:


I will quickly guide You though through the process:

  1. Please go to Update my security options

  2. Please go to More Security Options> App passwords> Create a new app password

Now. Get back to Your Traffit. Please go Your profile settings and choose add mailbox.

Choose IMAP and copy the uniqe password here:

Please enter default settings for Outlook mailbox integration here:

Now just select Your folders and finish the process:

*please note that this workaround was tested only on office365 account and process can be a bit different for other Outlook versions

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