New features

1) integration

This integration allows you to send your job post for publishing to your Account Manager in To activate the integration, you need to visit Settings --> Job posting and GDPR --> Job boards and fill in your Account Manager's email address:

The details of this integration are described HERE.

2) Required tags

Now you can decide you want tags to be added (required) every time a user is:

  • creating a new candidate profile

  • creating a new jobs

  • editing an existing candidate profile

  • editing an existing job

  • rejecting a single candidate from a job

The option to set adding tags as required in the cases listed above is visible in Settings --> General settings tab in General system settings section:


1) Adding tags and assigning candidates to Talents available while rejection them from the process:

2) Changing the favicon visible in the browser when:

  • TRAFFIT system is opened in a tab

  • browsing TRAFFIT main website and knowledge base

  • using the sourcing extension

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