Tip and tricks from TRAFFIT team

Jarek Wasielewski
Written by Jarek Wasielewski

How do I search for candidates in the database?

Traffit allows you to search in the entire database. By default the candidate list is displayed in Candidates -> All.

Additionally, in the upper-left corner of the screen you can select and open a list:

  • of suggested candidates taken from your mailbox (From mail), or
  • of candidates assigned to particular talents (Talents).

You can type one or more keywords into the search box. Here you have two options:

1. If you choose the option AND, Traffit will display candidates that contain all keywords. 

2. If you choose the option OR, Traffit will display candidates that contain at least one of the keywords.

If you want Traffit to search for a particular phrase, e.g., "key account manager," enter it enclosed by quotation marks. 

Once you have typed in your keywords and selected AND/OR, click Search.

You can also run an advanced search and search using filters.