Tip and tricks from TRAFFIT team

Joanna Wiśniewska
Written by Joanna Wiśniewska

How to start working with Traffit?

When you start working with Traffit, it's a good idea to adjust system to your needs. Below you can find instructions to set up Traffit areas.

  1. As you can see candidate profile is fully customisable. You can add every field you want to create your own application form. Here you can find how to configure candidate form.
  2. It is similar when you want to create new recruitment form, which is necessary to create recruitment process.
  3. When your form is ready, it’s time to define the workflow. Your hiring process will depend on your previous settings. You can define as many workflows as you want. Click here to do it. Remember, changes are not allowed while using!
  4. When forms and processes are ready, it’s time to prepare advert templates. You can use them later to speed up the process of creating a particular advert. Define as many as you need and always have prepared announcement content. Click here to define.
  5. Next step should be adding clauses. They will be visible later, on the application forms. It is important to use the same language for clauses and advert. Otherwise, Traffit will not be able to place the correct content of the clauses on the form.
  6. After creating adverts, templates and clauses, you can prepare application forms for your job advertisements. Here you can find instructions about how to add candidates data and select required information.

You've configured all the necessary system areas. Now you can start looking for a perfect candidate!