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How do I integrate Traffit with my mailbox?
How do I integrate Traffit with my mailbox?

Mailbox integration in TRAFFIT

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If you are using Gmail (GSuite) - check this instruction.

In other cases, go to My profile by clicking your picture at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Next, go to the Mailboxes subtab and click on the blue button called "Add mailbox" in the upper, right corner:

Select the mailbox type: IMAP (for Office 365 users), or Exchange in the 1 step:

In step 2 you need to fill in the information about your mailbox, where:

Name – name it just how you want this mailbox to be recognized on the mailboxes list. For personal mailboxes - just type your name and last name.

IMAP Login / SMTP Login – full email address.

IMAP Pasword / SMTP Password – the password to this mailbox.

Step 3 – Server Address – is where you need to fill in the detailed information about your mailbox. To help you out with it, we prepared the necessary information about 3 of the most popular mailbox providers:

IMPORTANT! If you use mailbox and in this step you come across an error alert, try to put the domain of your company in IMAP server / SMTP serverfield instead of “”, for example: “”

The next step is Folders, where you can choose which of the folders from your mailbox will be integrated with your Traffit. You can pick all the folders, only Inbox or any other particular folder – for example just the folder, where you forward all the e-mails with CV’s from candidates:

Step 5 is Sent messages, where you will be asked to choose the mailbox, where you want your Traffit to save your sent messages. 

In the last step you can set up your e-mail signature for the e-mails sent directly from Traffit.

Click Save and your e-mail box will be ready to use!

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