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How do I apply search filters?
How do I apply search filters?
Using search filters
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Traffit allows you to apply filters to your searches. By default you have five filters to choose from:

  1. the heart icon – a list of your favorite candidates;

  2. the green icon – available candidates, meaning the ones who are not Hired and are not taking part in any of the recruitments;

  3. CV – candidates who sent/didn’t send their resume, or who sent their CV within a particular timeframe;

  4. Recruitments – candidates who took part in a particular recruitment/within particular timeframe/got to a particular recruitment stage;

  5. Clauses – candidates with an active/inactive type of clause:

Other filters are displayed depending on your candidate profile configuration.

To activate a filter, click Search or simply click outside of the filter to refresh candidate list.

To add more filters to the filter list go to Configure filters available in the wheel icon.

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