How do I add a candidate using the sourcing plugin?
Adding a candidate using the plugin
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Log into your LinkedIn account find the personal profile of the candidate you want to add to your TRAFFIT. Then, click on the TRAFFIT icon – letter T in a blue circle – at the top right corner of your browser:

If you see New candidate on a yellow background, it means that this person is not in your candidate database yet. Click Add to Traffit – but remember you have an option to edit the data before doing that:

Once you save the candidate, you will get a confirmation message, and the yellow sign New candidate will turn into a green one: Available in Traffit:

If the candidate you are checking already exists in your TRAFFIT, you will see the Available in TRAFFIT - but you will also able to see the list of active jobs the candidate is currently in and read the notes added to his profile.

You can download the plugin here.

Here you can read how to install it.

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