extending geolocation, new TODO options for recruitment, bulk talent deletion
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New functionalities:

Supplementing the list of cities and countries available in fields with geolocation. Currently supported countries include: Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Lithuania, Italy, Croatia, Greece, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Denmark and Bulgaria.

2. Possibility to add additional script in form for downloading consents.

3. New activities related to candidate-available on the TODO list in recruitments:

- Add tags and talents

-Send and email

- Send Sms

- Add event to calendar

- Share candidate's profile

- Send candidates CV

4. The option to delete candidates from talents available on the candidate list in the exact talent. It is available both after clicking on 3 dots icon next to exemplary candidate and after selecting multiple candidates from the list ("Remove from talent") 

5. Email from candidate's profile is now hyperlinked- if You have Your inbox added to Traffit, clicking on it will redirect You to the editor of creating an email automatically to this candidate.

6. Notifications to user if You:

  • assign them to the recruitment as responsible person

  • assign them to the recruitment step on candidate's profile:

(The appearance of notification depends on individual preferences of the users. They have the option to turn them on in My Profile> Settings> Activate notifications > Recruitments).


1.Extending the list of visible users in reports:  Reports> Users and Reports > Best users. Now You can generate reports for all users not only those who are active but also for inactive ones.

2. Adding all available communication channels by default while creating new clause.

3. Clients profiles are now hyperlinked in details of recruitment- user is redirected to the profile of this client.

4. Removing the necessity to chose the email template and mailbox while creating form for downloading consents.

5. Enlarging the icon of (CV) file on candidates list

6. Presenting the ID of the advertisement in the content of it (at the bottom of the page) that enables to find advertisements in the general search in Your recruitments.


  1. Switching off the automatic logout of the user while seeing the communication "Access denied"- the error 403

  2. Fix for Traffit Social Network Integration Chrome plug-in in reference to changes made by Linked In on recruiter type of accounts.

   3. Error 400- adding communication for validation of the values. If You are adding         the same value to the dictionary now users will see the communication:

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