Indeed and Jooble integration, taging of users in quick review of candidates, additional actions on TODO in recruitments
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New functionalities:

  1. Integration with Indeed and Jooble services thanks to which all advertisements that are placed on career page will be also posted to these job boards in free of charge option. Advertisements placed there will be redirecting candidates to career page. The integration with the portals is visible in settings and enables users to choose one or both of them:

    2. Adding the information in "Data" section about the user and time of closed                    recruitment

3. New option to tag users in quick review of candidates on the candidate list of                certain stage in recruitment.

4. Adding new options related to the stage recruitment  to the list of TODO in                    recruitment below 3 dots: 

  • Rejecting the candidate

  • Putting the candidate to the wait list

  • Moving the candidate to the next stage of recruitment process

 5.  The option to send graphic (picture, logo) to the list of published advertisements           on career page:

 6. The option of adding the credit card and setting the automatic monthly payment            for chosen subscription (the option available from 29.11.2019)


  1. Removing the display of the graphic placed in the header of advertisement and form on the "Thank You message" screen that candidate is see after completing the recruitment form.

  2. Addition the field to upload CV file while quick adding of the the candidate to the database.

  3. Presenting the full value of certain field on the candidate list after hovering Your mouse on it if the text in the field cannot be displayed in full. 


  1. Removing the error with saving the note on recruitment stage on candidate profile in case of too long description of the stage.

  2. Improving the functionality of filtering and sorting for the "Data" types of fields.

  3. Correcting the way of displaying the field type "Radio" while exporting the candidates data to .xls file.

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