enhanced career page creator, the option to deactivate guest users, the option to edit notes added in recruitment stage
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New features:

  1. The option to deactivate guests accounts. 

    2. New career page creator- enhanced view of advertisements list  and the list of          team members, adjusting the text next to images to their size, standardization of              fonts:


  1. Showing up the signature in the notifications. The signature will be the same as You set in Your mailbox that is used for certain notification.

    2. The option to edit the note added to candidate in recruitment process.

    3. Automatic choice of default mailbox from which the the email was sent out to the          candidate with the option to choose different mailbox from the list.


  1. Correct display of recruitments that candidate participates while using Linked in plug-in.

   2. Correct downloading of the dates of events from calendar while sending emails           and smses to candidates that are using the data from the user's calendar.

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