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Field type "link", changes in talents, improvements in fonts in the system
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New features:

  • information for the user who is editing personal data on candidate's profile while other user is doing the same action at the same time. It helps to prevent situations during which few users are reviewing and editing the profile of the same candidate and data can be overwritten.

  • New type of the filed in field configuration- "Link". It enables You to add field with hyperlink e.g the link to the page with candidate's portfolio. It can be applied in candidate, client and recruitment section of the system.

  • Adding to the filter "Recruitment" in candidates tab information "Stage created by" that lets users to filter those candidates who were placed to the certain stage by chosen user.

-Changes in the talents tab: 

  • change of default sorting of talents- now they will show up from the latest

  • option to change the sorting of talents to alphabetical ("A-Z" and "Z-A") and by the date- from the oldest

  • option to match favourite talents with heart icon (the same as heart icon in candidates) which results in displaying them in the beginning to the list of talents.

  • information about the date of adding and user who created certain talent:

  • New filters on the list of talents- "Created by" and "Adding date" on the list of talents


  • improving the interface of the system by changing font color from light grey to black. 

  • Showing data in Reports> From now on while making report for users You are going to see also activities with zero values. Thanks to this the export of the report to .xls file is more transparent and helps You to create more advanced statistics:

  • The option of edition of sales activity is available only for user who created it.


  • adjustment to changes in Google calendar and integration through Google API- removing 500 error while adding Google Calendar

  • showing full date of event from the calendar in sent emails that are using email templates- adding missing time of the event to the message.

  • Correction of sorting by "Recruitment stage" on the candidate list

  • Correction of the filter "Available candidates" that was not working correctly recently

  • removing the information about the event related to the candidate who was anonymized without the necessity to refresh the application

  • Removing the problem with export of the candidates to the .xls file while using Safari browser.

  • Correction of legibility of the notes including enter sings and bullet points

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