Pointing out candidates that applied again, e-mail to new users with access to Traffit, notifying about limits when posting on job boards
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New features:

- pointing out those candidates in a particular recruitment, that applied again. You can see a number next to these candidates (on the candidate avatar) that applied more than once. The number shows how many times did the candidate re-apply. When the user puts the cursor on the number, he will see a "Re-application" notification:

Thanks to this, the user will know that the candidate applied again - for example to supplement the application with missing documents, attach a newer CV etc.

It is a signal for the user to check the candidate profile again or to put the candidate back to the process.


- Due to security reasons, we deleted the option for the administrator to assign the password to a new user when creating his account. Instead of that, the administrator is given an option to send the password reset link via e-mail to the existing user. For a new user, after the administrator creates user's account, the user receives a welcome e-mail that allows him to set up his own, secure password.

- The option to upload a file with 0 MB with the application form was blocked. The change was made to prevent the situation, when the candidate used an empty file to apply for a job (this error often appeared when the candidates were applying via phone, using iCloud to upload to CV file).

- The date and name of the meeting on the candidate timeline was added. Before, when the user was adding a meeting with the candidate to his calendar, a "Meeting" activity was automatically created on the timeline. Now, beside the date of adding the meeting to the calendar, Traffit also shows the date and the name of the meeting:

- Candidates list - if you go to the next page of the candidates list, the view moves to the beginning of the list (instead of keeping the view on the bottom of the page).

- Adding an information when the posting limits are reached for a particular User group, visible in Users --> Groups.

- Changing the status of the adverts to "Inactive" when the recruitment they are matched to is being closed. This can help to avoid situations, when the recruitment is closed and the candidate wants to apply for the vacancy that is no longer opened.

- Adding a notification for the user, that wants to post a job, and his user group has already reached the monthly posting limit. The change was made, instead of deactivating the "Post" button for a user in this particular group, without showing the user the reason, why he cannot post the advert.


- fixing the XML file for Jooble, so that the full job description is always being sent to this job search engine.

- fixing the default value in a field using a mask (pattern) of the value in quick adding candidate option.

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