"Last application date" field on candidates list, refreshed system login page, placing form for dowloading consents to email templates
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New features:

  • Adding new field: "Last application date" on candidates list in particular recruitment. The value in this field presents candidate's date of application within particular recruitment or last application of this candidate (if they had applied many times within one recruitment). If candidate was assigned to the recruitment manually by the user the date that is considered here is the date the candidate was assigned to the process.

New field  "Last application date" :

a) can be added to candidate list within recruitment as a column

b) can be exported to .xls file while exporting candidates data from the list

c) becomes a filter- lets users to filter candidates list according to the date of their last application within certain recruitment

d) enables You to sort out candidate list in reference to application date from the latest to the oldest ones and the other way round:

  • The option to place unique link to the email template in order to update candidates consents. To make it happen, it is required to set Form for dowloading consents as default. In order to do this please to Settings> Advertisements and Clauses > Form for dowloading consents:

In the very email template that will be used to update candidates consents rememeber to include "Consent update link" item from candidate module:

After sending the template, candidates are going to see the message with a link as above.
By clicking on the link, candidate will be redirected to form for dowloading consents  that will be filled out with their basic data that can be updated together with consents that will be showing up on the form.

  • Refreshed system login page:


  • Adding recruitment ID in recruitment tab on the candidate profile:

In case candidate participates in few projects that have similar or even the same name it makes earier to get to the project we would like to make changes to.

  • Change of the order of displaying the files on candidate profile. From now on, the order of the files is determined by date the file was added to candidate profile. (from the latest to the oldest ones)


  • Setting "rejection reason" field as required while quickly adding candidate to recruitment if recruitment process rejected stage configuration says so.

  • Correcting the way of exporting data from recruitment to .xls file so names of the columns will be compliant with Admin's configuration and naming convention.

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