Recruitment list on the dashboard refreshed, preview of deactivated adverts details, e-mails and notifications optimised
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New features:

1. Recruitment list on the dashboard has been refreshed. The list shows:

a) vacancy name,

b) the name of the client, for which the recrutiment is performed (if the CRM module is turned on),

c) recruitment duration (in days); after putting the cursor on the date, the system shows the exact day when the recruitment was opened,

d) number of new candidates (the candidates on the first stage of the recruitment):

2. Preview of deactivated adverts. When the recruitment is closed, the adverts become automatically inactive. This helps to avoid situations, when the candidate applies to a vacancy that is already not available.

When putting the coursor on the advert that is inactive, a new option "Show advertisement" is available. It allows the user to get into the details of an inactive advert, without the option to edit it. It is helpful for example when the user wants to copy the advert details to create a similar one:


1. Optimising and speeding up the e-mail sending and e-mail notifications process - from sending the messages with a maximum 6 minutes delay to sending it immediately. 

2. The change of using the multichoice fields (on the candidate profile, client profile, recruitment data in the system). Now, when choosing one value from the list on multichocie list - the list stays expanded so that the user might choose more than one value before saving the changes.

3. Changing the position of "Deactivate" button on the clauses list in Settings --> Advertisements and clauses --> Clauses. The deactivation of any clauses will not require going into the details of every clause one by one.

4. Changing the way of preseting the publication date on the advert - showing the date of posting the advert on the Career page instead of the date of creating the advert. It helps preventing situations, where the candidate might think the advert is out of date - for example in permanent recruitments.


1. Putting a notification about the lack of permission to see the list of sales activities, without showing a loader (when the user doesn't have a permission to Sales activity module).

2. Showing the notes with the details of the answers from the additional questions filled in by the candidate application form:

  • in the quick preview of the recruitment 

  • in the Recruitment details on the candidate profile

3. Fixing the status of active (accepted by the candidate) communication channels in the details of the consents given by the candidates on their profiles (mail, SMS, phone).

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