2.5.1 (20.03.2020)
Notifications about features in the system, sorting search results, alphabetical sorting of values list in the dictionaries
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New features:

1. We added new notifications for the users about new (or existing, but not used often) features in the system. Notifications show the location of the feature, a brief introduction to the feature and a link to our knowledge base with a full description:

2. Sorting the records on the search result list. Before, when using search option (regular or PRO) - where the order depends on the match to the searched key phrase - sorting the list of search results was not possible.


1. Adding the option to delete a spontaneous application form from the system.

2. Changing the order of the values in a "choice" type and "multichoice" type field to alphabetical.


1. Problem with the preview of the CV file shared with a user-guest, that is using Internet Explorer web browser.

2. Unfull recruiment data for the projects created from CRM module.

3. Malfunctioning user tagging feature.

3. Unproper candidate sorting when using the like/dislike rating.

5. Problem with adding candidate score (1-5 stars) when using the quick candidate preview.

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