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Recruitments report
Recruitments report
Recruitments report
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You can generate a recruitment report for: a specific customer, a user group, a user, a specific recruitment, or for a selected period of time. Of course, you can combine all the filters with each other.

The chart shows the information on the number of new, active and closed recruitments at any given time. Below the chart there are the statistics regarding the average duration of a process, the number of applications, the unique candidates (if a candidate applied for recruitment A and B, he or she was counted only once) and the number of new candidates. The first number indicates the number of people in the selected period of time, while the second number specifies the number of the candidates throughout the entire recruitment period.

Next, you find the statistics on some open and closed recruitment processes. You can configure what you see in the table using the gear in the upper right corner of the table.

This report will soon be replaced with New reports BETA

They are already available in New reports (BETA) tab:

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