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Recruitment assignment email notification, custom title and email content on shared profile, new API features on candidate data
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New features:

  1. The functionality of sending an email notification to user when they will be assigned to recruitment as a responsible person. User can decide if they want to receive them themselves. They can do this in the settings of their own profile:

  2. The option to add custom title and content of the email that is sent while sharing          candidate's profile to the guest user. After leaving new fields blank the message          will be sent out with default title and content.

3. Adding a link to the candidate profile after clicking on nofitication on adding the rating or note by guest user. By clicking on notification user will be placed on candidate profile that was rated or commented on by the guest.

4. New API integration features:

 -the option to dowload the list of talents assigned to candidate

 -the option to dowload the list of tags assigned to candidate

-the option to assign or dowload candidates' sources
-the option to download list of talents together with the number of candidates assigned to them


  1. Sorting the list of available stages while assigning candidate to recruitment according to their order in the project instead of alphabetical order.


  1. Special signs search of clients in CRM module works correctly now

   2. Correct loading of the list of OLX and categories while                                       posting advertisements

   3. The list of the files on candidate's profile refreshes automatically once one                     deletes a single file.

   4. Correct sorting of TODO list on user's dashboard and adding pagination that                 lets users to display more than 10 TODOs

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