Version (30.04.2020)
Indeed Apply launch, "new" suggested candidates , recruitment list export to excel file
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New features:

  1. Launching Indeed Apply service that enables to gather applications without application form by candidates who are Indeed service users. More information on how Indeed Apply work can be found here.

2. Adding the option of exporting the recruitment list toghether with the data related in .xls file:

3. The option to share the candidate's profile once more to the same guest before 30 days pasts.


  1. New mechanism of suggested candidates in receruitment. Currently, the list of suggested candidates is being updated dynamically after You set required tags and additional tags in recruitment data settings. The list will include all candidates from the database (not assigned to the very recruitment You set setting for). Candidates list is ordered according to the level of match of the candidates to the reruitment bearing in mind that the biggest score for the match to the recruitment is determined by candidate's localization in reference to the localication of the recruitment. You can read more about the mechanism here.

2. Notification on giving the evaluation or giving the note to the canidate's profle by guest user is sent to the user who shared the profile not like before to all responsible persons for the recruitment.


  1. Note wrapping while adding the long series of letters or digits without space added.

   2. Automatic mail to the candidate who was moved to another stage in the                        recruitments (and automatic notification was created for this stage) if candidate            was  placed there with omission of indirect stages.

  3.  Fix of the contact person filter in recruitment tab.

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