Version (14.05.2020)
default "Activity" filter on candidate tab, different pagination of the candidates lists, showing all list of sources on candidate profile
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1. Setting the filter "Activities" to default filters in Candidate tab. From now on, it will be always visible over the candidate list.

2. Change of the pages pagination of the candidates that makes Your forward and backward navigation of Your database even easier than before.

3. No limit of the displayed candidate sources in the summary of the candidate. As a result, we are showing all sources when there are more than 10 of them now.


1. Sorting of the values from localiation fields works fine now.

2. We needed to adjust to the mechanism of attaching videos from Youtube and Vimeo to Traffit email templates due to the fact that email providers' blocked the possibility to preview the videos directly from the email content for security reasons.

3. Fixing the issue with seeing notes in shared candidate profile to the guest user.

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