Version (28.05.2020)
Editable datagrid, candidate data import, image for social media configuration, new fields in OLX job posting, limit of opened tabs
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New features:

1. Introducing the option of editing candidate data directly from the list level. It is possible to apply changes to candidate profiles and fill in missing values without having to ope the candidates profile.

You can find more information about this solution here.

2. Data import - now you can import the candidates data to the system yourself from a .csv file! See:

3. Allowing graphic configuration for social media. Until now, when publishing advertisements in social media, an image of the advert header was displayed as an image when publishing. Due to the fact that the dimensions recommended by Facebook are different than those in the header of the advertisement, we have introduced the possibility of configuring graphics dedicated to social media. You can set 1 general graphic and/or various graphics for individual advertisement templates



1. Limit of open tabs - up to 100 per module. We also decided to set the limit of open tabs on the lists available in the system - that is, in places where, after clicking on a selected row, a new tab opens. It mainly refers to sections like the list of candidates, the recruitment list and the list of clients. The limit of open tabs in each module will be 100 per user. This fix will significantly speed up the loading of the system and individual tabs.

2. Due to the above change, now we we show the number of open bookmarks on the list so that you can control it more easily:

3. There are 2 new types of fields (checkbox type) when publishing an advertisement on OLX:

  • Remote work

  • Remote recruitment

You can select one or both options to inform candidates that the offer is for remote work and / or that recruitment is being conducted remotely due to the ongoing epidemic.


1. Solution to the problem of not saving notes from a sub profile when merging candidates.

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