Version (25.06.2020)
Extending the search operation area, new filters in Talents, new list of jobs categories in OLX job posting, additional answers as notes
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1. Extending the search operation area - basic and PRO - by the content of activities added manually by users on the candidate's summary (e.g. summary of telephone calls and other activities not performed directly in the system).

2. Presenting answers to additional questions placed on application forms with "Note" type activity on the candidate's timeline with information under which recruitment was granted:

3. A new filter on the Talents list allowing you to locate talents with recently added candidates and talents that are not in use.

4. A new filter on the list of candidates in a Talent. While being on the list of candidates in the talent, you can filter the list of candidates added to this Talent by a specific user or users and / or in the indicated period of time:


1. Implementation of the new list of OLX Jobs categories - many categories have been divided into subcategories to enable candidates to search more precisely and reach matching offers faster.

2. Change of the way the date field is presented so the date can be antered manually:


1. Solution for loading the full list of dictionary values used in the multiple-choice field if the dictionary contained more than 10 values.

2. Correcting the content formatting of notes shared with guest users and those visible on the candidate's timeline to make the text more readable and transparent.

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