Version (9.07.2020)
Importing candidate consents, the ability to move a candidate in the process from a quick preview level, new integration API capabilities.
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1. Move the candidate in the recruitment process from the quick preview level. It is no longer necessary to return to the list view to change the stage at which the candidate is. The option to change the candidate stage is available in the upper left corner of the preview:

2. Possibility to import candidates' data together with assigned clauses. The option of importing candidate data into the system has been extended to assigning consents to imported candidates in the imported file:


1. New possibilities in the AP integrationI:

a) downloading a list of clauses assigned to the candidate and filtering them by:

- type

- language

- status (active / inactive)

b) moving the candidate to the next stages of the process

c) downloading candidates and their data after:

- date of last stage,

- recruitment name,

- company name,

- stage in the process,

- rejection reason in the process.

d) possibility of removing a candidate from the stage (restoring him to the previous stage).

2. New API options for advertisements - the API has been supplemented with new fields:

- "createdAt" - date of publication,

- "updatedAt" - date of the last edition of the publication,

- "workflowId" - ID of the process on which recruitment is based.

In addition, it is possible to filter by the "updatedAt" parameter:

Sample request:

Answer: a list of publications that were updated after 2020-02-03T00: 00: 00 + 00: 00)


1. Filling in the missing name of the client and responsible person in the Contracts section (CRM module).

2. Correction of irregularities in the SMS sending planning mechanism.

3. Fixing the problem of counting the number of candidates in Talent while using the PRO search engine.

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