Version (30.07.2020)
Linkedin login, stage change in editable datagrid view, saved filters edition, required fields in data importer
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1) In addition to logging in with a Google account, we created an option to log into the system using an account on Linkedin:

2) Ability to move candidates between stages from the editable candidate list view:


1) Adding the option to edit saved filters on the candidate list. Just click on the filter name, edit it and use the filter with changes or save changes:

2) Unifying the dates on the candidate's summary - on the timeline and on the recruitment list. Changing the date visible on the recruitment list from the date of application to the date on which the candidate was moved to the current stage:

3. Ability to set the required fields when importing candidate data using the importer:


1) Improving the display of icons on the login page when using Firefox

2) Solving the problem with the empty list of the client's branches when using the system field in the recruitment data.

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