Version 3.3.0 (26.10.2020)
new advert and form layout, new options for data export, kanban view in jobs, Google Meet integration, new candidate adding button location
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New features:

1. New advertisement and recruitment form. Both of this elements are now more transparent and attractive to interested candidates:

2. New candidate list view in the recruitment- Pipeline (BETA) tab. This is the display of the candidates in the form of "Kanban view"- similar to the board with the list of due tasks.

This transparent display form lets You to move candidates between stages in the recruitment project using drag'n'drop method:

This is not yet the final version of this functionality. Feel free to share any comments and suggestions to [email protected].

3. New permission - while creating permission groups the administrator can now decide which users will have the option to export the following data to the XLS file:

  • jobs list

  • clients lists

  • sales activities

4. Google Meet integration. Now, when creating event in your Google calendar in Traffit, you can also send an invitation to a video meeting to the attendees:

5. The option to place the field "files" on recruitment form- it enables a candidate to add for example a portfolio that consists of few separate files to their application.


1. Moving the "Add" button of:

  • candidate

  • job

  • client

  • contact person

  • sales activity

to more comfortable place. The red button in the right down corner was replaced by a blue one that can be found in the right upper side of the system now:

2. While sharing the candidate profile to Hiring Manager, You can now choose from which mailbox You would like to send the email with the link to the candidate profile. Before such email was always sent from [email protected]. Now, You can choose from the list:

  • Your personal mailbox- if it was integrated with Your profile

  • system mailbox- if it was integrated with Your Traffit and if it was shared to You

3. The option to move candidate to the next stages from quick view of candidates also from "All" candidates section not only from the particular stages.


1. Fixing the issue with the lack of phone number of the user in email sent to a candidate when this system field was used in email template in sent message.

2. Full visibility of the email history with the candidate on the candidate profile for the messages sent out from Exchange mailboxes.

3. Full data transfer while merging the candidate profiles from the secondary profile.

4. Correction of notes visibility for Hiring Managers that use Safari browser.

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