Version 3.4.0 (17.12.2020)
Quick preview in Pipeline (Beta), adding a candidate in one job to another job, removing floating button, refresh token feature
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New features:

1. When using Pipeline (Beta) on the list of candidates in a particular Job, you can click on the candidate to see a quick preview of his profile.

Next release will enrich this feature and allow you to move the candidate to next steps of the recruitment process in such case, directly from the quick preview of the candidate.

2. You can add the candidate to a Job not only from the candidate database (Candidates --> All tab), but also from the candidates list from another Job.

This option is available when clicking on 3 dots in this candidate's row or it appears after choosing more then 1 candidate from the list:

3. The Settings --> Integration with the Traffit API has been redesigned and enriched. It allows you to create multiple API token's with different scopes. Now this tab also allows you to refresh your tokens manually:


1. The red button in the bottom of the page has been moved to the upper corner and redesigned for a better user experience. Assign candidate button is an example:

This change applies to multiple locations in the use interface, in the tabs below:

  • Candidate profile

  • Jobs → Candidates

  • Jobs → Report

  • Jobs → Post a job

  • CRM → Clients --> Jobs

  • CRM → Clients → Contacts

  • CRM → Sales activities

  • CRM → Client → Jobs

  • CRM → Client → Departments

  • Calendar → Add event

  • Reports → Export

  • Templates → Email templates

  • Templates → Notifications

  • Templates → SMS templates

  • My profile → Add inbox

  • My profile → Add calendar

  • My profile → Accounts

  • Users

  • Users → Hiring Managers

  • Users → Departments

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