Version 3.5.0 (21.01.2021)
E-mail notification for the Hiring Manager, new activities in Pipeline view, Hiring Manager deactivation, importing jobs list from CSV file
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New features:

1. You can choose now, if you want the Hiring Manager to be notified via e-mail about his account being created. The content of the e-mail will include an option to set up a password and log in to the system.

2. Pipeline (Beta) view of the candidates in the job was enriched with new activities:

  • sharing the candidate profile with Hiring Managers

  • quick preview of the candidates in the stage

  • sending the candidate's CV as an attachment to the e-mail

  • adding a TODO to the candidate

  • rejecting candidate or putting him on pending list

  • adding a meeting in the calendar

3. Hiring Manager deactivation and sending a reset link option visible on the Hiring Manager profile:

4. Data importer enriched with an option to import the list of jobs from a CSV file:


1. As a user you can set the Pipeline (Beta) view as a default view of the candidates in a job:

2. "Save query" option on the lists visible only if any filters are applied.

3. Speeding up the job post and application form loading.


1. No active communication channels when adding a consent to the candidates manually.

2. Wrong order of the consents compared to the settings when creating an application for getting new consents.

3. Invisible receivers name and last name when sending an e-mail to the candidates from the system.

4. Doubled jobs on the dashboard.

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