Version 3.7.0 (9.03.2021)
Hiring Manager account creation possible from candidate profile sharing view, choosing the default view of candidates in job pop-up
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New features:

New Hiring Manager account creation possible when sharing a candidate profile.

Now, if you want to share the candidate's profile to a person that doesn't have a Hiring Manager account in Traffit yet, it is possible to create it from this view:


  1. When entering the list of candidates Traffit will ask you about your preferred, default view - you can choose between List and Pipeline:

It also explains the conditions under which the particular view will be more useful.

2. The signature for the chosen mailbox will be visible in the box with the content of an e-mail, when sending it.

3. If an event connected with a candidate is removed from the calendar integrated with Traffit, Traffit will inform about it in the details of the activity visible on the candidate timeline, on his profile:


1. Removing the duplicated spaces between the rows of a text in e-mails sent from Traffit, appearing when using "Enter" in the text.

2. Candidate added to a job from Pipeline view not appearing until the user refreshed the system.

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