Version 3.8.0 (26.03.2021 r.)
New event creation, candidates as event attendees, change of logic in new candidates counter on the dashboard, users permission modification
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New features:

The view of the event creation was refreshed and the way the candidates and users added to the event are marked has changed - now they are treated as attendees.

This means, that if you are using Google or Office365 calendar you can be sure, that all the attendees will receive an e-mail confirmation of the event.

The list of attendees is visible to everyone assigned to the event:


1. Permissions to Users tab was modified - the permissions were divided into separate elements:

2. The number of new applications in a job visible on your Dashboard will now also include the candidates that were assigned to the job manually from the database - not only those, who applied using the application form.


1. Blocking e-mail sending when rejecting a candidate from the process if the e-mails content is empty.

2. Highlights in the search results not refreshing after the change of search parameters.

3. Hiding the Agreements tab for users without the permission to this tab, instead of redirecting them to the tab with an "Access denied" notification.

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