Version 3.9.0 (15.04.2021 r.) integration, quick adding of users and HMs, detailed information on recruitments in summary of candidate's profile
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New features:

1. Integration with from now on You can publish You ads for free in The option is visible on the list while making Your publication:

2. Quick addition of user's Hiring Manager's account from the view of sharing the candidate profile:

3. The opion to assign sales activity to few users. In settings> Custom field configuration> Client> Sales activities You can add the system field "Responsible person" so during creating the sales activity You will be able to assign it to more than one user:


1. More detailed information about the candidate’s status in recruitments visible on his profile summary that includes:

  • number of days, how long has the candidate been in the process

  • recruitment status

  • candidate's progress in the process

  • current status

  • possibility to change his status in the recruitment

2. Users tab - information about the current number of users and the limit of active users:


1. Correction of the “favorites” (heart) filter in the candidates tab which was not working correctly recently.

2. Saving the geolocation field while using the editable candidates list.

3. Reloading pipeline view after changing the candidate’s status in the process.

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