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What's new in TRAFFIT?
May 2021
Version 3.11.0 (27.05.2021 r.)
Version 3.11.0 (27.05.2021 r.)
New career site generator, "job type" system field, easy user and Hiring Manager creation, new Zapps in Zapier (CRM)
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New features:

1. New career site generator - refreshed view with new modules to be put on the career site, like benefits and perks list or quotes and testimonials from team members:

2. Calendar event details enriched with icons presenting the attendees answer for the invitation to the event:

  • green for YES

  • red for NO

  • black for MAYBE

3. New system field “Job type” with a list of fixed values to be put on Jobs data tab in the configuration, including following values:

  • Full time

  • Internship

  • Part time

  • Volunteer

  • Temporary

  • Contract

Standardized job types system field and dictionary was implemented due to upcoming job boards integrations.


1. Simplifying new user and Hiring Manager creation pop-up - without opening a new tab and with only required fields visible:

2. New Zapps in Zapier integration, connected with CRM module:

  • new contact person creation

  • contact person data update

3. The user, that acquired a new application using unique link, is being automatically assigned to the first step of the process on the candidates profile.

4. Notifications for the users editing an event in the integrated calendar informing whether the attendees will receive a renewed invitation e-mail or not.


1. Issue with sorting the candidates list by geolocation type fields.

2. Lack of user profile photo after loading it an refreshing the page.

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