Version 3.13.0 (8.07.2021)
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New features:

New Hiring Workflow

As our old workflow view looked a little complicated, we decided to redesign it, simplifying the user’s experience and making the process of creating new workflows easier.

Scheduler update

The Scheduler just got an upgrade! Right now, you can also use it in your automated hiring workflow. So now, whenever you’re moving your candidates to an interview, or a meeting stage, you can send automatically the message with a Scheduler link in it.

Everything is available in your Templates panel, where you can add a Scheduler link to your templates and automated notifications.

That’s a whole new level of automation and shortening time needed for your whole recruitment process. Give it a try, and learn more about the Scheduler here.

LinkedIn integration

Post a job offers on LinkedIn right from the TRAFFIT. With our new integration, while creating a new job post, you can upload it on LinkedIn, to gather more applications.

Learn more about this new feature here.


Zapier update:

Zapier is now able to identify your dynamic fields configuration, so that your automation can be much more robust.

Added zaps:

  • Update contact person (CRM)

  • New contact person (CRM)

Candidate profile:

  • Preview stage — added social media profiles to the view

  • Preview stage — added phone numbers to the view

  • Preview stage — 4 quick actions are exposed now instead of 2


  • The problem in a user creation’s view with field select and multiselect loading only 20 values from a dictionary. Right now every scroll to the end of a current list loads additional positions.

  • Two users were unable to synchronize the same calendar on their profiles. If so, the user who did it first, had it desynchronized.

  • LinkedIn plugin sometimes created two duplicated candidates at the same time instead of one.

  • Moving candidates to a custom recruitment stage by API integration caused an error.

  • While editing the opened job post, the user couldn’t add a new additional script. It was not saved in the system.

  • The problem with a keyword search bar, which was not updating the search list when changing a keyword while other filters were active.

  • Error with the notifications. Set up notifications were not showing in the system when they were supposed to.

  • Sender’s name added in the TRAFFIT e-mail system was not visible to the receiver.

  • While adding and assigning the candidate in a job post, the application source was automatically the same as the candidate source.

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