Version 3.15.0 (17.09.2021)
TRAFFIT latest improvements and bug fixes
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New features:

In this release, we focused more on delivering you an improved version of TRAFFIT, so no new features here. But check the list below to learn what’s better 👇


  • Newly created users have notifications turned on by default setting.
    We also improved the notifications settings section, so it’s easier to understand this part of settings.

  • Re-designed password reset e-mail.
    We improved the design of password reset e-mail for users and HMs, to make it better accessible for receivers.

  • HTML editor in text boxes
    Last time we shared with you info about the new HTML editor in text boxes. As HTML editor was added in many places, we still had to work on a few of them. That’s why right now you have it also in

    • Advert settings, job creation, etc.

    • Application form for new consents

    • Candidate rejection textbox

  • Better workflow transitions for candidates
    From now on, in stage preview and candidate profile summary, the stage names will be presented instead of the transition names.

  • Cloning a workflow
    Instead of recreating it step by step, you can now clone an existing workflow to make a new, editable one.

  • New option in templates creation
    You can now add a candidate profile link inside a template from a list of possible system fields.

  • Calendar synchronization updated view.
    Did you ever wonder why you should synchronize your calendar with TRAFFIT? Now we added there a description showing how you can synchronize it and why.

  • Stage preview updated design
    We figured out a new way to show you a stage preview with candidates. Additionally, we added a new tab there with application data.

  • UTM keys in the application source
    We upgraded the list of visible UTM keys, so now you can view all of them instead of the first one. In addition, it will help you track all your marketing campaigns around recruitment.

  • Simplified GDPR filter


  • problem with the email template being sent from the “[email protected]” address instead of the chosen one

  • after adding the additional script in the job advert, it was not visible in the field

  • bug with a failure during payment for SMS package with a 3D secure authentication, that was stopping the payment process

  • TRAFFIT Talent Sourcing extention not showing historical info about the sourced candidate, when he ended on a “hired” or “rejected” stage

  • TRAFFIT Talent Sourcing extention was not uploading candidate’s photo from LinkedIn

  • when merging two candidate’s profiles, values from multichoice fields were not merged correctly

  • some clients got a problem with publishing a job offer by TRAFFIT on LinkedIn

  • a bug showing error in the payment form when trying to buy more users, even when all the data was included

  • option “delete from job” was missing in the Candidate Preview and Summary/Latest jobs transition menu

  • the reports in single jobs were not visible

  • users couldn’t merge two candidates’ profiles as long, as they were in the same recruitment process

  • phone number validation was working incorrectly, so users couldn’t add a phone number to the system

  • When filtering the candidates’ list to show all candidates without the active GDPR consents, the system was showing the empty list

  • problem with integrating the Gmail inboxes, which caused invalid integration and lack of edit options

  • adding a candidate to a calendar event caused a system error

  • users couldn’t tag other users in notes on a candidate stage preview

  • users couldn’t save the filtering query on a candidates list, because the button was hidden

  • users got notifications from jobs, even when they had them switched off

  • send message pop-up showed up under the candidates’ profile pop-up, while in a recruitment window

Did you scroll down to this place? Respect, because it was a really long list of improvements and fixes. We hope that your TRAFFIT experience will get better because of it ;)

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