Version 3.16.0 (15.12.2021)
TRAFFIT latest improvements and bug fixes
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🚨 Important note!

With the latest release, we updated the default login page graphic for all the users who still used the system one. So, this is not a bug. It’s a feature ;)

If you want to, you can edit your graphic in the settings panel.

New features:

👉 New candidate activities

Here are few significant changes in activities you need to know about.

Previously on TRAFFIT, you mainly had the system activities generated automatically when performing specific actions and few manual ones. From now on, you can add more activities manually if you need it to keep track of your activities on the candidate.

What else changed?

  • The view of the activities, they’re a bit redesigned, and now they’re grouped together by the day they were created

  • We’re not deleting the activities, if the changes that triggered them were reversed

  • Improved editing options for the creators of notes/activities (also for HM accounts)

  • You can now view the candidates activities right from the candidates list view

👉 New Stage Preview elements

Files on the Stage Preview

Preview and add new files on the Stage Preview while also defining the uploaded file types. We’re showing you now here the preview of all file types, so it would be easier for you to check them. If you’d like to, you can also open them and preview in a new browser tab. The preview feature is also available for the HM user but without the upload functions.

Information if the candidate is in another recruitment process

While previewing the candidate, you’ll see a message when the candidate is or was in any other recruitment process in your company. This feature is made to make you aware about the fact, that this specific person tried to join your company before.

Candidate activities

As we improved the function of activities on the candidates, you can also use the updated version of this system on the Stage Preview, and filter by only the activities connected with this specific recruitment.


  • Improved jobs visibility according to the jobs you’re responsible for, and to confidential jobs

  • Managing files flow refreshed, to be more intuitive for users

  • More actions on a candidate profile exposed for users to perform

  • Rejecting candidate flow refreshed, to be more intuitive for users

  • Mailbox synchronization flow refreshed, to make the process easier for users

  • Right side settings sliders are now standardized, to be in the same style in all places

  • Rejecting and removing candidate actions are now more exposed in the tool


  • Problem with editing notes in jobs view on a candidate

  • Permissions for users about downloading/deleting candidate files where not working properly

  • 2MB CV files were accidendaly not accepted by the system

  • in some cases, users were not able to open the stage preview while in the pipeline view of the job

  • deleting a candidate from a system, while he was still in the recruitment process resulted with an error

  • the job creation form had obligatory reference number field, now it sets up automatically

Did you scroll down to this place? Respect, because it was a really long list of improvements and fixes. We hope that your TRAFFIT experience will get better because of it ;)

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