Version 3.19.0 (28.06.2022)
New email templates (with categories), job-based email automation, HTML email templates, email templates for Hiring Managers
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1. Adding an editable list of email and SMS templates categories, where they can be assigned

As a part of this update the system was enriched with exemplary email templates and categories for inspiration.

2. Adding an attachment (up to 20MB) to email templates

5. Creating email templates dedicated to Hiring Managers


2. Separate permission for email templates and automations management

3. New automation icons in:

  • email templates

  • workflow settings

  • candidate list in a job

informing about automations set up for particular stages of the process.

4. Email template preview

5. Removing location parameter from the suggested tab algorithm (for remote jobs)

6. Basic text editor in notes section:

7. Email activity on the candidate profile opening in a new window, making the content more easy to read.


1. Reducing the delay between sending the email from the system to its actually being sent from the users mailbox.

2. Removing the necessity to reload the system after assigning a candidate to a job directly from his profile to see the job on the list.

3. Blocking the possibility to reject a candidate without choosing the rejection reason if it's required.

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