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How do I add a calendar event related to a candidate?
How do I add a calendar event related to a candidate?

Event in the calendar related to a candidate

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We enable you to conveniently add a candidate-related events to your TRAFFIT-integrated calendar in several ways:

Adding the event directly in the calendar

To do this, go to the Calendar tab in the main menu on the left, then use the blue Add event button in the top right corner:

This will launch the module that allows you to create a new event in the calendar. On its right-hand side you will see the option to:

  • invite users

  • invite candidates from the database (one or more)

  • invite other contacts

This module is available also in other places in the system:

Adding the event on the candidate profile

You can add an event directly on the candidate's profile, this option is available in the top right corner next to the blue Assign to job button:

Add the event from the candidate's list

The next place is the list of candidates - both in the database and the list of people assigned to a specific job.

The option to add an event is available under the three dots icon at the end of the row:

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