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How to manage candidate's tags?
How to manage candidate's tags?
Tags on candidate profile
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Tags are keywords added to each candidate that make the candidate search process easier. They can be single words or phrases.

To add a new tag to candidate profile, use the blue + button under the candidate avatar, on the candidate summary:

You can add more than one tag to a candidate. After clicking on the blue + button, you will be also able to:

  • see the list of available tags

  • start typing to find a tag

  • remove tags from candidate profile

Candidates tags will also be visible in quick preview in particular jobs.

IMPORTANT! You can add any tags you want, unless your TRAFFIT administrator has restricted it for your permission group. If he did, you will only be able to use the tags listed in Settings --> Tags

All the available tags are visible in Settings --> Tags. You can add, edit and remove them there. Every tag has numbers visible on the right, reflecting how many times they were used when tagging candidates and jobs:

You can find candidates attached to specific tags by:

1. Using Tags filter

The filter is available both in Candidates, on the candidate list in a specific job, as well as candidate list in a chosen Talents group:

Type in the words you’re looking for to see the list of candidates that have these keywords as tags on their profiles.

2. Using the search bar

Type in the word you’re looking for in the search bar. Traffit will search for it in tags, notes, and documents attached to candidate profiles, and will give you a list of the candidates who have this word on their profile - highlighting where exactly the keyword occured:

To narrow down your search to selected tags, or to exclude them from your search results, use the Advanced search to be able to enter additional search criteria. Traffit will tell you in the search results if the word is in tags or elsewhere:

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