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How does the suggested candidates feature work?
How does the suggested candidates feature work?

Suggested candidates tab

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Suggested candidates come from your database. This tab presents all candidates that are not assigned to the particular recruitment and sorts them by the highest match.

On what basis is the candidate's suitability determined?

The match of the candidate is calculated based on 2 elements:

1. Candidates' location

The system checks the convergence of location from the candidates profile and location given in the recruitment (data section). The locations are considered as convergent when they are less then 30 kilometers apart.

The location is the heaviest value regarding matching the candidates.

2. Tags in job

The 'Data' section in every job has a list of tags. You can put there 1 or more words or phrases. These will be the key phrases Traffit will look for in candidates profiles and based on them the candidates will be matched to the job.

The weight of different sections in candidates profile are not equal either. The highest weight (right after the localization) is given to:

- tags on the candidates profile,

- notes on the candidates profile,

- notes regarding a particular stage in the recruitment,

- other data from 'Personal data' section in Candidates profile,

- content of the files attached to candidates profile.

Next to the highest rated candidates you will see highlights -information about the information that gave them the highest score. The system will show you specifically in which places the system found the key phrases.

If you don't have the location field in the recruitment data you can learn how to add it here.

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