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Why can I add tags while creating a job?
Why can I add tags while creating a job?

Adding tags when creating a job

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The tags influence the percentage matching of the candidate to a given recruitment and enable you to use the 'Suggested candidates' functionality.

These will be the key phrases Traffit will look for in candidates profiles and based on them the candidates will be matched to the recruitment.
The weight of the additional tags is couple of times lower that the key tags. Also the weight of different sections in candidates profile are not equal either. The highest weight (right after the localization) is given to:

- tags on the candidates profile,

- notes on the candidates profile,

- notes regarding a particular stage in the recruitment,

- other data from 'Personal data' section in Candidates profile,

- content of the files attached to candidates profile.

You can add tags while creating the recruitment or later when the recruitment is open.

You can find more information about 'Suggested candidates' here.

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