How to add candidate to talent pool from email?
Adding a candidate directly from mailbox
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If a potential candidate sends you an e-mail (also, when a CV file is attached), you can create a candidate profile in the system directly from you mailbox - if it is integrated with your TRAFFIT.

To do that, visit the Mail tab and open a message from the candidate you want to add to your database. Next, click Create at the top right corner of the screen:

Your TRAFFIT administrator can make adding consents required when creating a candidate profile manually. If he did, you will have to specify consents and their start date to be able to save the candidate profile.

Put your cursor on the file to see the "X" button allowing you not to include the attached file in the newly created profile.

When a candidate profile is created, some of the fields will be filled in automatically:

  • Added by - with the name and last name of the user that added the candidate to the system

  • Candidate source - with Email value

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