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What data can I edit on the candidates list?
What data can I edit on the candidates list?
Data you can edit on the candidates list
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In the editing mode on the candidates list, you can edit all the candidate data that is on the list. The only exceptions are fields of "File" and "Files" or "CV" type. In this case, in the edit mode you will only see the information "Yes" or "No" depending on whether the given field on the candidate's profile contains a file (or files) or not.

In the multiple-choice fields, you can easily select one, several or all of the values:

To fields of type like 'date' or 'date and time' the following format applies:

YYYY/MM/DD - so, for example 2020/05/25

YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM - so, for example 2020/05/25 12:30

The field indicating the application source of a given candidate is not editable due to the fact that the system automatically saves the incoming link (www address from which a candidate entered the application form).

The field indicating the location is divided into 2 columns: country and city.

The "Country" field must be completed first. A drop-down list of cities will only appear after selecting the country and going to the "City" field:

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