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How to put a link to Scheduler in the e-mail?
How to put a link to Scheduler in the e-mail?

Putting a link to Scheduler in the e-mail

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There are two ways to send a Scheduler link. One working for the manually sent messages and one for automatic notifications.

Manual message

To add a link to Scheduler to your e-mail, start writing an e-mail to a candidate or multiple candidates and choose the Scheduler icon, visible next to “add attachment” and “use e-mail template” icon:

The icon will be visible only if you have created at least one Scheduler.

After clicking on the icon, you will be able to choose the Scheduler you want to put into this e-mail:

Click Add to put it in the e-mail.

Traffit will put the Scheduler icon in the e-mail:

Automatic notification

When you automate your recruitment workflow, you can send automatic notifications every time the candidate is moved to a different recruitment stage. This includes also the invitation for the meeting messages.

You can add the Scheduler link in the templates, so you can use it in the automated process.

To add a link in a template, go to "Available fields" section on the right menu bar of the template and choose Scheduler from a module list:

Next, choose your scheduler from a visible list and click the Insert this field button, to add it to the template message.

This is how it should look like in the template creation field:

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