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How to integrate Staffly with TRAFFIT?
How to integrate Staffly with TRAFFIT?
Staffly <--> TRAFFIT integration
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Staffly integration is available in Elite Plan only. Staffly allows you to run psychometric tests in your recruitment processes.

How to integrate Staffly with your TRAFFIT?

To turn on Staffly integration, first contact the Staffly team: [email protected]

Then, the Staffly team, along with the TRAFFIT team, will turn on Staffly integration on your TRAFFIT account.

When Staffly integration is turned on, a new section called Staffly will appear in your Job details:

This new section will include the following fields:

  • Company name - to be filled in manually

  • Positions - this field is connected with Staffly tests dictionary. This dictionary includes a default set of values, but you can enrich it with additional values (Settings --> Dictionaries --> Staffly tests) if you decide to increase the number of used tests.

  • Company ID - your company ID in Staffly

  • test mode - defines when you want the test should be sent to the candidate. It includes two values:

    a) NewCandidate - if every candidate, who apply for the role by filling in the application form, should receive the test

    b) NewCandidateStage - if candidates that reach a particular stage of the process should receive the test

  • NewCandidateStage SID - if you choose NewCandidateStage value in test mode field, you have to define the process stage where the test should be sent.

Where can you find the stage ID?

If you don't know what's the ID of the stage, go to Settings --> Hiring Workflow, then choose the workflow and click the edit icon โœ next to the stage you want your Staffly tests to be sent at.

The stage ID is visible in the SID field:

How will my candidate receive the Staffly test?

Staffly test will be sent:

  • via e-mail and

  • via SMS

to all candidates (or all candidates on a specific stage, according to the settings mentioned above) in a job where you have filled in the Staffly section properly.

What happens when the candidate completes the Staffly test?

When the candidate starts the Staffly test, a dedicated Evaluation type activity is created on the candidate profile.

Staffly test sent to the candidate - when the test was sent to the candidate via e-mail and SMS. This activity includes the name of the test sent.

Candidate completed the test - when the test was completed by the candidate. This activity detail is enriched with the following:

  • the name of the test

  • the candidate's score after the test (in %) - percentage rating of each tested feature

  • test result summary - LOW, MID, or HIGH

Candidate did not complete the test - if the test was interrupted and was not completed. The candidate can get back to the test and complete it anytime.

If the candidate has already completed this particular test for your company (in the same or different job) - two activities will be added to his candidate profile. The first one will inform you that this candidate has already completed this test in the past, and the second one, with the test result details.

Your Activities filter in the Candidates tab will allow you to list candidates:

  • who have received the test

  • who have completed the test

  • who have received the test and completed the test

  • who did not complete the test (it was interrupted)

  • who have received the test but did not complete it (it was interrupted)

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