Go to Settings -> Fields configuration -> Recruitment -> Recruitment form:

On the right-hand side you have:

1. Fields defined by us, required in each recruitment, e.g., name, surname, email address.

2. Empty fields of different types: text, numbers, single and multiple choice, date, location. You can add them to your form and define them as needed.

3. Sections – for separating and grouping fields of a similar type.

To add any of the above elements, simply drag it and drop on the form. To change its name or properties simply click it.

For the single and multiple-choice fields you can also decide if you want to use a predefined dictionary or to type in the values manually.

Bear in mind that you can freely configure the recruitment form.

Also, bear in mind that the Reference number field is required. If a user leaves it empty, Traffit will automatically generate a number.

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