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How to post jobs on multiple career pages?
How to post jobs on multiple career pages?

Posting jobs to multiple career pages

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Jobs created in TRAFFIT can be easily published on your career page.

When integrating your career page using API you use this link to get the job post data:


You can find the full documentation HERE.

If you have multiple career pages you want to post the jobs on, it's also possible. You can differentiate on which ones you want to post the job.

To be able to do that, go to Settings --> Custom fields configuration --> Job --> Job data. Use drag'n'drop to add a new field to the job data from Empty field section:

  • Select - if you want to allow users to post a job only on one career page at a time,

  • Select multiple - if you want to allow users to put a job on multiple career pages with one job posting.


  1. Add the field Title, which will be visible in the Job data section,

  2. Choose if you want the field to be Required or not,

  3. Add SID (system ID) - the name of the field visible in the API (not using spaces in SID),

  4. Turn on Field available via integration,

  5. Add values that will be available on the list in this field when creating and posting a job, allowing you to differentiate the job posting.

    (You can see an example in the video above - "Career page A" and "Career page B"),

  6. Confirm adding a new field.

Remember to click SAVE to confirm the changes and reload the system.

The new field will be available when creating a new job in TRAFFIT:

If a value (or values) in this field is chosen - it will be prefilled when posting a job on your career page:

Before posting a job on your career page, you can add or remove the prefilled values in this field.

The newly created field with its value (or values) will be sent via API with SID, allowing your integration to differentiate, on which career pages it should appear.

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